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Happy Tuesday! Today I’m finally sharing my thoughts about the Candy O Lady One Week Candy Sheet Mask that was sent to me by Bling Dear.

Bling Dear is an online global community that holds different K-beauty products; both skin care and makeup. These products are up for reviews so that people can go check out different reviews before they purchase the product.

Candy O Lady is a brand created for young ladies and they are really known to have a fun and whimsical packaging.

These one week mask is composed of 7 different kinds of Candy O Lady Candy Mask. This set is good to try out their different mask since this set has different variants.


Packaging: This set comes in a plastic container and the mask itself is in a long rectangular pack which is actually a made out of paper. All of the mask has different cute design that is aligned to candy or anything sweet. I super love the packaging and how handy it is but the only thing is that all the product information are in Korean.

 Sheet Mask details: The fit is okay, the lip part was too small–not the best  fit and also not the worst. The sheet is not too thick which I like but the adherence is not too good. I have to adjust the mask a couple of times. All the mask has the same fit, thickness and adherence.

IMG_3827 (1)


  •  Little Witch Candy Mask– This mask is said to be an anti-aging mask that contains notable ingredients such Coconut oil, collagen and soy bean oil. The scent of this mask is very fruity


  • Mellow Cotton Candy Mask- A soothing mask that has notable ingredients such as aloe leaf, lavender, rosemary, and sage extract. It has a mild floral scent which is surprising because I was expecting a sweet scent in all of these mask. This is one of my favorite because it did sooth my face and removed some of the redness.


  • Cake Pop Candy Mask- Said to be a calming mask that has ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and tea tree extract. It smell like tea tree and peppermint. This has a cooling effect which I loved.


  • Sweet Lemon Candy Mask- A brightening mask that has lemon, lime and orange fruit extract. This smells like a car air fresher which I am not a fan of. I did noticed a brightening effect the next day but there was a stingy sensation for a while.


  • Lemon Milk Candy Mask-  This is a nourishing mask that has ingredients such as Rosehip oil, honey extract and milk protein extract. This has a very very cooling effect. It feels so cool on the face and it smells floral.


  • Mystic Potion Candy Mask- This is a detoxing mask that has a fruity scent and ingredients include glutathione, lime extract and Licorice Root Extract.


  • Holiday Candy Mask- This revitalizing mask smells like blueberry or something fruity and notable ingredients include strawberry fruit extract, green tree extract and Jasmine flower extract.


Final Verdict:

  • I super love this mask, I didn’t feel any tacky feeling in all of these and my skin just absorbs the essence really well.
  • I wasn’t a fan of the mask with fruity scent but most it I really liked.
  • This mask has worked well in my routine and I didn’t have any break outs or any allergic reaction even though it has added fragrance.
  • My top 2 favorites were the Cake pop and sweet lemon mask because they were very cooling and it was perfect for the hot weather in our country.

I am a bit sad that I am done trying these out because I totally loved them.It’s really worth a try and I might purchase my top 2 favorites again because they are perfect for the summer.


Roseanne ❤



Product was sent by Bling Dear for review purposes
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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