September Mask Empty

I hope I am not too late to show you my mask empties for the month of September. I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd day of October! “He asked me what date it is, it was October 3rd” If you know where that line is—ily!⁣

So I did managed to use 15 masks last month so yey me but I know I can do better.⁣

My top 3 favorites are:⁣

@bentoncosmetic Good bye Redness- This was sent to me for review purposes and I already ended up using 3 because it is so refreshing and really calms down the redness.⁣

@thefaceshopph Kelp Mask- I love the mask at the face shop and this was my first time trying out this variant and I am in love! It is sooo refreshing and hydrating to the face especially on a very hot day!⁣

@candyolady_official Sweet lemon mask- This was sent to me by @blingdear_officialand what I love about this mask is that it is very cooling and I love the peppermint scent.⁣

I also tried the @drmoritaph Mask, it was okaaayy but I felt some tingly sensation maybe it didn’t go well with my skin care routine that night so I am going to give this a try again before I say my final thoughts.⁣

That’s it! Btw, what’s your favourite mask that you would recommend me to try.


Roseanne ❤

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