Quick Review: Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet (#5 &#7)| Charis

Happy Tuesday! For today I’m going to share my thoughts about the BLACK ROUGE Air Fit Velvet in the shade #5 Juice tok tok grape fruit and #7 well dried fig.

This is a Korean brand that is available on my Charis shop. This tint  is said to have vivid colors, more light and tender and last all day.

This tint looks so luxe with its matte glass tube. and that metallic red cap.

#5 Juice Tok Tok Grape fruit shade is more on the orange shade while #7 or dried fig has a brownish tone to it even though it looks red on the tube.



To be honest both of them look so similar on my lips but upon closer look A7 is more brownish while A5 really has an orange undertone to it. Also, A5 has a more mousse  consistency to it compared to A7.

Both of them glides so easily on the lips and really very bendable. Without a doubt this is the most pigmented tint I have ever used and even just a dab of the tint can cover your lips plus it helps that the consistency is like a mousse so it is easier to really spread on the lips.

This tint is very long lasting and the pigment really stays on the lips even though I have wiped my lips a couple of times with make up remover there is still a very noticeable stain.

It is so pigmented that I have to blot my lips with some tissue to remove some excess stains.

Overall, I love this tint and how long lasting it is. This tint is perfect for everyone who hates reapplying any lip product.

Now I have to find a good oil based makeup remover to wipe away the stain on my lips.


Roseanne ❤



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