Review: Purito ABP Triple Synergy Liquid

I really think that this year is the year for AHA, BHA and PHA. Every brand now has a product that contains one of them, two or even all of the acids. I’m saying this because I see these acids not only with luxe or high brand but even on those affordable brands which is really awesome since chemical exfoliator are really beneficial to the skin.

I was so excited to be chosen by Purito to try out their ABP Triple Synergy Liquid because I personally love using products with ABP since a lot of products with ABP works wonder with my textured skin and black heads.

Purito is a Korean brand and takes pride in providing honest products which children and adults can use because it has EWG green level ingredients that are very safe.

Using on utilizing ingredients originating from nature, Purito prides itself on producing honest cosmetics and skincare that are free from harmful chemicals and suitable for everyone, from children to adults. Most of their products are formulated to be EWG Green-level safe, and produce effective results with regular use. Work with nature to transform your skin with Purito.


Price: $21 or Php 1050

Weight: 160ml or 5.4 fl.oz

Description and Claims:

Midly and gently removes old and unnecessary dead skin and sebum without stimulus with the optimal blend ration of AHA, BHA and PHA.

This is a chemical exfoliator that will help clean out the texture on your skin and is suitable for all skin type even for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Main ingredients include AHA specifically Mandalic Acid, BHA specifically Betaine Salicylate Acid, PHA or the Gluconolactone , Apple fruit water and Penthanol.

How to use: You can use this as your toner or essence. I personally use this as my toner by using a cotton pad so that I could evenly apply it to my skin and as to not waste too much product.

When I need more hydration, I use my favorite hydrating toner and then use this as my essence.

Since this is a gentle exfoliator, I use this everyday and it just works fine on me.

Packaging: This comes in a recycled box that has all the information and when you tear it, there are more information inside the box. The bottle itself is made out of matte plastic and has a pump to dispense the product.

Effectiveness and other Experiences:

  • This is an unscented toner and the it’s not too watery but at the same time not too thick.
  • It is a bit tacky upon application but it goes away after a few minutes or so.
  • This is really a very gentle acid toner since I didn’t feel any burning sensation even on the first application. Often times I would feel a sting to my upper lip when a product is really strong and harsh.
  • It helped improved the texture on my forehead but not entirely made it smooth.
  • I also noticed that I have less black and white heads on my nose which I super love.
  • In my imaginative perfect skin care world, this would be perfect if it is more hydrating but I get that it is hard to have both all the acids and at the same time a very hydrating product. When my skin needs more hydration I just use this as my essence and it works well too.

Final thoughts and Tips:

  • I really love how gentle this is despite having all of those acids. Imagine treating your  face with all those good acids but at the same time not going to irritate you.
  • This is now my go to toner and essence especially when I see my skin acting up. This certainly saves my forehead from having more bumps and texture.

Big thanks to Purito for choosing me to try out this product!


Roseanne ❤




Product was sent to me by Purito
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa


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