Review:Soak Opera Blossom Radiance Face Mask

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I’m really excited to share to my review of Soak Opera’s Blossom radiance face mask. If you haven’t heard Soak Opera before, well that is understandable. They are a relatively new local brand here in the Philippines. The reason why I am so excited to share to you my thoughts is because I believe that this brand is one to look out for- with their current product line it I see so many potential.

Soak Opera is a Philippine-based skin care brand that started with a simple vision: to provide a full, luxurious, and truly natural self-care.

At Soak Opera, we believe that nature is the healthiest, most fulfilling form of therapy. Being surrounded by a bountiful supply of natural resources, we want to harness the power of natural ingredients and integrate them into our products, allowing you to bring into your homes a piece of that magnificent work of art we call nature. 

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Price: Php 260 or $5

Weight: 30g or 1.06 oz

Description and Claims:

Clay, Rice Powder, and Pomegranate, Blossom Clay Mask is the perfect cleansing mask to restore your skin’s radiant condition. The absorption properties of Rose Clay, combined with the vitamins and minerals found in Pomegranate and Rice, help to eliminate impurities from the skin and improve its complexion while boosting your skin’s health. This versatile mask leaves your skin toned, smooth, and radiant. 

Ideal for those with a blotchy complexion.

Basically this a clay mask that is great for those who want a radiant or glowing skin. I personally purchased this because I feel that my face look so dull and flat. I wanted to try this mask out in terms of how healthy would my face look and feel after continued use.

Ingredients: Some notable ingredients include Rose clay that is made out of Kaolinite mineral that is responsible for soothing the skin, Rice Powder that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and Pomegranate that is responsible for skin hydration.

How to use: Using a non metal spoon, scoop up 1-2 tablespoon of the clay mask into a separate dish and add small amount of water or until you reach a paste like consistency.

Apply the clay past you’ve made with a brush or your hands onto your clean face. I personally use a brush because it is much easier to spread and after 5-10 minutes wash your face with warm water.

Packaging: This clay mask comes in a class jar which I find very luxurious looking for a $5 product. Actually one thing that really pushed me to ordering is their packaging, just by looking at their product line, it all look so good.

The jar was wrapped with a label with all the product information although I wish there was a date when this was made and of course the expiry date.

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  • This clay mask a rosy scent to it which I totally love but it is not too overpowering. and also the clay mask itself has an old rose shade to it but it doesn’t stain on the skin.
  • when I first tried this I love that it doesn’t have a tight feeling on the face, on my second use I felt a slight tightening effect while masking but not too much. Overall, you could experience a tightening effect while masking but it is very tolerable and not all irritating unlike other clay mask I’ve tried.
  • It was easy to wash off the clay mask and my face didn’t felt any irritation.
  • When my face completely dried out, I was so surprised to feel my face so smooth and soft! No joke my face feels like a baby’s bum.
  • As I continue to use this (2x a week) I really did notice that my  face looks healthier. It does give a healthy radiance look to my face.

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Final thoughts: 

  • Totally in love with this mask, for the price and the effect it is not surprising why it is already sold out in their website so I am requesting soak opera to restocked asap so my #abcommunity friends could also try this one out!
  • Since I am in love with this mask, I am excited to try out their other clay mask and even their soap.
  • This brand does deliver and they are not just a pretty face.

I know I am over hyping this mask but it is so good that I really would recommend you guys to try out their product.


Roseanne ❤




No part of this post was sponsored by any brand or company
Personally purchased this product
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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