Quick Review: A. Stop Clear face and Body Toner| Charis

Happy Weekend everyone! Today I’m going to quickly share my thoughts about this Face and Body toner from the brand A. Stop that you can get on my Charis Shop.

If you are hearing about A. Stop for the fist time, well you are not alone.  I, myself isn’t that familiar with the brand so I had to do some research and I found out that this brand was founded by two guys who really want to create a product to stop acne and that is my the name is A. Stop or Acne Stop.

They only have three products as of the moment and of course all of them aims to help get rid of acne.

A. Stop
A. Stop Instagram Account 

What is different from this toner is that this is specifically created not only for the face but also your back that is why it is in a spray bottle. The noozle even works even if you tilt is so it would be easier to use even on your back.



  • It works on my back acne! It does calms down the acne and within just a few days it will really die down.
  • It is easy to spray the product on my back and on my chest where I also have acne. Plus it has really a fine mist to it.
  • If you are curios about the scent, it has a mild sweet scent to it but it is really faint that I can hardly notice.

I also tried this on my face but I didn’t like that  slight tacky feeling it gave me but it didn’t felt tacky when I used it on my chest and back and maybe because the tacky feeling on my face was a result of the combination of the toner to my natural oil.

Nonetheless, I am totally in love with this as a body toner! I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from back acne.

You can get this on my Charis Shop




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