Quick Review: Keep Cool Shine Fixence Mist |Charis

I have been loving the @keepcool_officialShine Fixence Mist so I am really excited to share to you my thoughts.⁣

This mist is not only to set your makeup but to also prep your face before putting on any makeup. When you use it to prime your face it can definitely moisturizer your face and as a setting spray, it gives a radiance glow making it look like you have a healthy skin.⁣

What I love about this mist is that it does not clump up my makeup. Often times setting spray just makes my face look somewhat cakey but not this one. I also love how fine the mist is. It is super fine making it not too overwhelming to spray directly onto the face. ⁣

It has also a faint rose scent and ingredients include pearl,Glutathione, Vitamin Complex and Moringa seed oil.⁣

This reminds me so much of my OG prep and prime spray but this one gives more benefit to the skin which I am all for!⁣

Since I am in love with this mist, I have put it up on my Charis shop!⁣


My Shop: https://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/-/shop

Direct product link: http://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/bzo⁣

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