Quick Review: Cell Fusion C Laser Sunscreen 100 | Charis

Cell Fusion @cellfusionc_kr Laser Sunscreen 100 is dabbed as Korea’s No. 1 Sunscreen for many reasons. This sunscreen is suited for those with sensitive skin and also this product is hypoallergenic.⁣

This sunscreen can protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of 50PA++++

This is one of those sunscreen that has your typical sunscreen scent. What I really love about this is that it dries up matte and really doesn’t feel greasy at all. This also has some good sebum control. Since this sunscreen is matte don’t expect it to give you a healthy glow ,but even that, I typically use this as is when I just don’t want to wear any makeup because it will really gives me protection from the sun and again I love the sebum control.⁣

You can get this sunscreen on my Charis Shop!⁣


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