Review: Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch| Go Bloom and Glow

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week with a product review. This Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hyrdogel Eye Patch is provided by Go Bloom and Glow, a Cebu based online store that provides Kbeauty lovers like me with a wide range of Korean skincare products from different brands.

“Welcome to Go Bloom & Glow — your trusted Cebu-based source for all of your favorite Korean beauty products online. You’ll find the necessities to complete your current skincare routine: acne cream, cleansers, toners, and more! Trust us when we say we have everything you need. …”

Heimish is not only a skincare brand but they also have their own makeup line. I personally haven’t tried any other Heimish product but I heard so many good reviews on their product especially their cleansing balm.


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Price: Php 1,200 or $24 (Currently on Sale at Php 841.50 or $17)

Weight: Contains 30 pairs of eye patch.

Description and Claims:

Perfect for tired eyes, this multifunctional Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch not only brightens dark circles under eyes, but also helps skin stay firm and bouncy.

This is an eye patch perfect for all skin type and promises to hydrate your skin. Even though this is made for the under eye area, this is a versatile patch that you can use on other parts of your face that needs hydration.

Ingredients: Some notable ingredients include Bulgarian Rose water that is rich in vitamins and minerals that really has a lot of benefit on the skin. This patch also has coconut fruit extract, witch hazel, Castor seed oil and has added fragrance.

How to use: Pick up the patch using the spatula provided when you buy the eye patch and then put it on your desired area. Again, this is not only for the under eye but you can also use this on other parts of your face such as your cheeks and forehead.  Leave the patch for 20-30 minutes and pat the remaining essence.

Packaging:  This eye patch comes in a tub and has a spatula for hygienic purposes. I love the aesthetic of this product! It just screams pink and all girly! The patch itself even has sparkles on it. The box has all the information you need and also you could check out the Go bloom and Glow website for more added information about the product.

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Effectiveness and other Experiences:

  • This patch has a very faint rose scent. So those who doesn’t like anything with a floral scent I think you could still withstand this patch since it is very faint and hardly noticeable especially when the patch is already on your face.
  • I have a very sensitive eyes that anything goes near it just makes my eyes water but not this one even if it has added fragrance. So I guess this is okay for those with sensitive eyes.
  • It does help in calming down the under eye when they are really puffy and of course the main claim of this product is to hydrate the skin which it certainly does.
  • I did use this on my cheeks since I have some dry patches on that area. So this patch kinda worked like a mask but only on a certain area. Spot Masking.
  • I have also dark under eyes and I have noticed that it helps in removing my panda eyes!
  • However, I find this patch a bit tacky. It does leave a sticky feeling after using it.

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Final thoughts and Tips:

  • I wished that this patch gives more of that cooling feeling since this is a Hydrogel. It does give that sort of cooling feeling but only after a few minutes. I did put it on our refrigerator to achieve that effect but it was still lacking.
  • This patch is one of the most beautiful patch I have ever seen and I would say that this would be perfect for a sleep over with your friends. The pink and sparkle patch makes it an Instagram worthy patch and the effect ain’t that bad.

You can get this pretty eye patch at Go Bloom and Glow and other Kbeauty needs!



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This product was sent to me by GO BLOOM AND GLOW for review purposes
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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