Blogmas 2018 #2: My Christmas Wishlist

Dead tired from doing some early Christmas shopping but here I am really pushing myself to finish this Blogmas! Today I am just going to share to you my Christmas wish list. This is not to obliged anyone to buy me these things but just to share to you guys what I am eyeing on.

1.EXO ALBUM  – Recently I have been really obsessed with EXO! I really want to have most of the album since I just currently own one which is the WINTER SPECIAL 2017.


2. EXO MERCH ESPECIALLY DO KYUNG SOO I just really want a bunch of EXO goodies this year especially things that has DO KYUNG SOO’s face.

SC from Smtown 
Remember this face. This is DO KYUNG SOO! Hahhaa

3. SKINCARE ITEMS You can get me ANY skincare product may it be local or international brand and I will be a happy kid!

I just love trying out different skin care products but currently really eyeing on COSRX products since I have tried their moisture kit and really loved it!


Since I love both EXO and Skincare, why not both! or just buy anything from NATURE REPUBLIC and again I will be a happy kid!


Basically those are the things on top of my head right now. EXO AND SKINCARE. I would also love to get a some sheet masks since I just love hoarding them.

I think I have been good this year soo..


Roseanne ❤

All images were grabbed from google.


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