Blogmas 2018 #3: Early Christmas Shopping

Yesterday, Me and my family went on an early Christmas shopping in the hopes to cross out a bunch of names in our list and we did manage to buy at least 90% of the gifts at Landmark, Alabang.

This is our second year to shop at Landmark Alabang and the first time we went there, we were happy with the product choices and most importantly the prices. Compared to other department stores, you can snatch a good gift item for as low as Php 150

This year, I noticed that the trend right now is still Unicorns and anything Instagram worthy. Yess–those aesthetically pleasing designs and colors are very much in trend and you can never go wrong by gifting it to thee Millennial.

Oh how I wish I could show you guys what we got but I know that some of my relatives read my blog sooo….


Just a quick shopping tip

  • Better to list down the names of the people you’re buying a gift so you won’t forget anyone
  • Always double check the item especially if it is on sale. For bags, always check if the zipper works or if the print is perfect.
  • Don’t buy anything you are not 100% sure because most likely you’ll end up regretting it.

Better to start your Christmas shopping early while malls are not that congested and also so you can start wrapping them.

Come to think of it, now I can start wrapping the gifts and most probably even though I start tomorrow I will still finish everything by 24th. Hahaha

Happy Shopping!


Roseanne ❤

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