Mask Review: Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Face Mask Brightening Lemon Extract

I am back with another face mask review! I missed reviewing face mask so I am really glad that I am finally posting a new mask review. For today, the lime light is on Face Republic’s new variant of mask which is the Brightening lemon extract. They also released a Honey, cucumber and Tea tree mask which I have yet to try. Also! This mask was sent to me by Face Republic.

We are a Korean brand born in the Philippines. Our products are made in Korea and our business is run by Korean nationals but our brand is made with the needs and sensibilities of Filipinos in mind.


Soaked and packed in Lemon Extract, this mask brightens your skin while giving it that daily boost of Vitamin C.


Price: Php 54.00 or $1.30

Ingredients: Notable ingredients include Lemon fruit extract that is responsible for providing vitamin C and helps brighten the face, Allantoin that has skin soothing properties and Sodium Hyaluronate that helps dry skin from flaking. This mask also has Aloe leaf extract, witch hazel and fragrance.

This mask is created without animals being harmed so this is a cruelty free product and also paraben free.

Packaging: This mask comes in that common sheet mask packaging. The design is lovely with a very bright yellow so it is easy to recognize that it is the lemon variant. All the necessary and important information about the product such as directions, precautions and ingredients are all listed.

Scent:  This mask has a very mild citrus like scent to it, hardly noticeable when you have the mask on.

 Sheet Mask details: I think this new variant has a thinner sheet than their old variants which I love. I prefer thin mask as it often adheres well on my face. The sheet isn’t too soaked with essence, it just has a right amount of essence to it. The size is a bit too big for my face but I don’t mind since it has more room to really cover my face.


I’m just going to be straight forward with this one and tell you guys that I absolutely loved this.

  • After I use this mask there wasn’t a tacky or sticky feeling after which you know I always appreciate.
  • It just has the right amount of essence so it is not dripping wet nor lacking with essence.
  • I used this when I felt my face was so dull and effects were awesome. It made my face look and feel healthy, that feeling when your face just feels so refreshed.

Final Verdict:

Absolutely worth trying and it is such an affordable mask that delivers. Yes I am going to buy this for myself and hoard this variant, this is perfect for that emergency sheet masking when my face just feels so meh.




Roseanne ❤


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This product was sent to me by Face Republic
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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