Blogmas 2018 #6: Beauty Round up- Holiday Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when we spend a little more just for a cute “limited” edition makeup line. Who’s with me?! But seriously though, I think we can all agree that we have that “packaging” weakness wherein we are just drawn in a product because of the packaging and doesn’t really care about the product itself. I myself have bought some makeup just because I find the packaging pretty and I always say that it would be a nice display on my vanity.

So much for my random rumble, here goes 2018 Makeup Holiday Collection

1.MAC SHINY PRETTY THINGS This year’s theme for MAC is Metallic and this shows with their very colorful and metallic packaging of their palettes and lipstick. But personally, I am going to pass this year. I felt that there is nothing special with this year’s theme.


But… I think that the latest Patrick Starr is giving more of that Holiday Vibes!

2.KYLIE COSMETICS KRISTMAS COLLECTION All I have to say that this is wayyyy better than their collection last year. Their theme this year is like a winter wonderland with that white packaging with snowflake graphics. Not too bad this year Kylie.

3. JEFFREE STARR ALIEN COLLECTION  Leave it up to Jeffree to spice up your Holiday with his very out of the world collection. An Alien collection composed of his famous liquid lipstick and a new palette shaped like an Alien’s face.

Yikes. I guess that is it for now. I know I missed a lot but you see I find that this year’s Holiday collection is soo boring! It’s not like 3 years ago when brands would go all out for an exclusive Holiday theme or line. C’mon guys! We can do better next year.. pls.


Roseanne ❤

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