New products from Charis! (Mezy , Wing Bling and Allupbio)

I remember last year when I applied to be a Charis Celeb and when I got accepted, I was so happy to be a part of a community where my inspirations where also a part of. ⁣

Now that I am a year old member, I think what I really love about community is how we all promote indie brands and give chance for these brands to be also a household name. Truthfully, I have tried a couple of items from Charis that are way better than those from mainstream brands and it speaks to me to give chance to these small brands as well because they do deliver.⁣

Anyway! Got these new items again from Charis from three brands I am not familiar with⁣

📦 @merzy_official Velvet Tint⁣
📦 @wingbling_korea Glow Moon Bracelet and Necklace⁣
📦 Allupbio Eggro Face egg pack⁣


I can’t wait to share my thoughts and tell you a little something about the brand as well, so stay tuned for my full review!⁣



Roseanne ❤

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