Blogmas 2018 #9 : Skincare Haul (Watsons Philippines)

Happy Sunday everyone! Did you guys did some shopping today? Because I did. oppps.I was so happy to see that our Watsons now have a bunch of International skin care brands and of course I just had to get a couple of things. I might do a separate post listing down the International skincare brands now available at Watsons and my recommendations very soon but for the mean time, here’s what I got for today.


  1. KRIS LIFE KIT BLUSH I am way behind with all the latest release of makeup so when I saw this I just had to get one. You know how much I love Kris so without any hesitation I got her blush in the shade Lasting love because it is like pink-brown shade which compliments my tone and also reminds me of my favorite EB blush in the shade FIG which I heard is already faced out.
  2. NARUKO MASK I was so excited when I saw that they already have a Naruko at our Watsons because a lot of my co-bloggers are raving their tea tree line. Too bad though that their Tea tree were already sold out so I just got their rose and snail essence mask.
  3. FACE REPUBLIC CLEANSER One of our go-to cleanser and also our top pick when we need to bring a cleanser. It is a good everyday cleanser that isn’t too harsh on the skin and also very affordable.
  4. COSRX POWER LIQUID AND LOW PH CLEANSER One of the brands that I was really excited to see at Watsons! I have read nothing but positive reviews on their products. I have tried their cleanser via sample and totally loved it that’s why we got it since it is a nice, gentle cleanser. Cosrx is also known for their power liquid so I just had to try it also.

Also, aside from going to Watsons, also grabbed some  NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA MIST and THE FACE SHOP JEJU CLEANSER.

I am so excited to try these out and to give you all my full honest review in the future.


Roseanne ❤

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