Blogmas 2018 #10 : Support local Skincare brands this Christmas

I have listed down a lot of gift sets and gift ideas in the past but now I just want to put the spotlight on our local brands and also those with small start up business. This Christmas it would be nice to also support them and buy from them

1. SOAK OPERA I have tried this blossom mask and it is one of the best clay mask I have ever tried and also their packaging is super sleek.

2. HERBS AND HYSSOP The aesthetic of the products reminds me so much of Herbivore with their packaging. They have sets ready for this Holiday season so you might want to check it out. Also, I heard that their cleanser is really good so make sure to also put it on your order.

3.RRAW Has the prettiest line of scrub and and soaps that are too pretty to even use!

4. MANDALA’S SECRET Is a relatively new brand that offers natural and cruelty free bath and body products. Their packaging is simple but very elegant and I personally thought it was an international brand because of the vibes it gives.

5. SKIN CORRECT I have tried their M gentle line and it was super good and I would definatly recommend you guys to get them for your friends who has sensitive skin.

I know there are a lot of local brands out there but these 5 are the ones I have read many good things or I have personally tried.

Go support them this season!


Roseanne ❤

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