Blogmas 2018 #11: Another Skincare haul (Allison Boutique)

We were supposed to buy gifts for Christmas but I ended up buying things for me also which is really nothing new.

So we went to Allison’s boutique where it houses different online shops and brands so there is really a lot of products and of course skin care items were also present.


BEAUTY MYSTERY BOX I saw these mystery box and was immediately drawn into. I like the idea of not knowing what you are going to get so basically you are buying a gift for yourself. Haha. Anyway, the box are sold for Php 200 or $4. It contained two mask, one box of foot pads, cleansing wipes from mumuso and one pore strip. Not too sure if it was worth it but all of the products I got are items I haven’t tried yet so…

LANEIGE SKIN MIST I have been into mist lately and I just bought this to add to my collection. I didn’t love the moisture kit I bought before so maybe this will redeem itself.

HAPPY ORGANICS SHAMPOO BAR I have worked with Happy Organics before so I was happy to see their products at the store. I really have oily sclap and it’s crazy that’s why I wanted to try this one out plus I love the fact that it is a shampoo bar.

I was so happy to see a lot of new products at the boutique and I will definitely take you guys on a tour of the shop one day.


Roseanne ❤


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