Blogmas 2018 #12 :My Althea Wishlist

Dear Santa,

Maybe the elves are busy this year building some toys, but don’t fret Santa! You can always buy me a present at Althea! I think I have been good this year and that is why I am also an   ALTHEA ANGEL so I would like some skincare items please. If you are confused on what to get me, I have listed down below my top 10 wishlist from Althea!

1.GET IT BEAUTY SKINCARE SET I have always been a fan of the show “Get It beauty”  and I feel in love with the detox mask they did together with Althea so I am super curious about these items.  Get It Beauty is really one of the most informative kbeauty show out there and I am really expecting this to be an awesome set.


2.HUXLEY SECRET OF SAHARA OIL ESSENCE Huxley has always been on my wish list. I heard so many good things about their oil and other products. A lot of my skin inspiration has this oil as their Holy Grail so it must be really good.



3. MAMONDE PORE CLEAN TONER I love trying out toners and this one seems so promising. I heard that Mamonde is a really good brand and I saw my friend’s review of this and instantly I just want to try it out for myself.


4. PURITO CENTELLA PAD I have tried a sample of these pads and instantly fell in love with it. It is gentle on the skin and really made my face feel smooth. I want to keep using this to see better results.



5. SON & PARK BEAUTY WATER SET This beauty water has gathered mixed feelings in the skincare communtiy, some love it that it is on their Holy grail list and some isn’t just a fan so I am really curious on how it will work on me.


6. NEOGEN REAL FRESH FOAM CRANBERRY I have seen a lot of my co-skincare junkie loving the tea tree version of this and I like tea tree but I just want to try something new. I haven’t tried any cranberry facial cleanser before so this is really interesting for me.



7. LEEGEEHAM B5 AMPOULE I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet and I have to explore more in the ampoule world so why not hit both of them.


8. HEIMISH CLEANSING BALM If there is one thing that comes to my mind when I hear Heimish, that would be their cleansing balm. A lot of bloggers and youtubers are hyping this product so this must be really good.



9. ALTHEA BARE ESSENTIAL SET I have a confession to make, I haven’t tried anything from this line and I have most of the newly release items from the Althea exclusive and I just want to complete my Althea Exclusive items plus also I heard that they are really good and really worth it.


10. LANEIGE LIP CARE SET This list wouldn’t be complete without an exclusive Christmas gift set! I just love the packaging of these lip care plus it has the limited edition packaging which is super cute! This is really a must have since you can never go wrong for a lip care.



Also, Santa, it is worth mentioning that Althea has a lot of exclusive or limited edition gift sets so it would be easier for you to pick out the best gift for a skincare junkie like me or even a makeup enthusiast!

Here is the link just in case!


Roseanne ❤

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