Blogmas 2018 #13: Christmas gift wrapping Saga continues

We only have 12 more days until Christmas! Are you guys all set? Well for us we are now starting to finish wrapping gifts and double checking our list to make sure that we don’t forget anyone.


We really have a lot of gifts to wrap this year and seems like it’s never ending. Also, I just hate wrapping irregular shaped objects and unlike in other countries, we normally don’t go for bags but instead we make our own gift bag using wrappers which is really tedious.

And as you can see in the photo, we have some toys all prepared for the kids and that’s all I can show you because some of my relatives are aware of this blog so we don’t want any spoiler.

This is just a random ramble post for today since most of my post is about brands and product so I thought I would just sit down and talk to you guys.

I hope you are doing great and see you again tomorrow for Blogmas 14!!


Roseanne ❤ 

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