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Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s review is from the brand “I’m From” which I was not familiar with until I was offered by Wishtrend to send me this mask and also I am not too familiar with Mugwort so this got me all excited to try out something new.

IMG_5021 (1).JPG

Price: $35 or Php 1800

Weight: 100g or 3.88fl. oz

Description and Claims:

The I’m from Mugwort Mask is a wash off mask to calm and soothe the skin. Containing 2.1% of mugwort, full of vitamins and minerals, it quickly soothes irritation and redness while having a cooling and calming effect.

Basically this is a wash off mask that helps calm down the skin and reduces skin heat leaving a smooth and healthy skin.

Ingredients: Some notable ingredients include Centella Asiatica Extract, Rosemary extract and of course Mugwort

This is a special mask because the ingredients is so precious since the Mugwort used is collected in May and aged for 3 years in sea breeze. Mugwort is known to be Korea’s Tea Tree because it has soothing and healing properties. This specific mask has 2.1% real Mugwort and even has some real Mugwort bits.


How to use: Apply a generous layer of the mask into your face. Leave the mask for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Packaging: This mask is packaged in a glass jar and it includes a spatula to hygienically dispense the mask. The box it comes with if complete with information including the directions, ingredient list and product description in English.

Effectiveness and other Experiences:

  • This mask has a really herb scent to is which is expected because Mugwort is an herb. It didn’t bother me that much since the scent does fade a little when the mask is already lathered in my face.
  • I love the mild gel formulation of this mask because it is easy to apply into the face even if it has some Mugwort bits.
  • I easily noticed how my face feels so smooth and soft after washing and how it has a slight cooling effect during masking.
  • Every time I have break outs I just lather this into my face and instantly calms down any redness and even helps flatten some stubborn acne.
  • Clean up is a bit messy and you have to really take time to wash your face after to make sure that there are no remaining Mugwort pieces.

Final thoughts and Tips:

  • This has become my emergency mask whenever I feel my face is really in a bad state or when I have bad break outs.
  • I personally think that this would be perfect for the summer since it has a cooling effect and eliminates skin heat, this could come in handy to freshen up my face during those days.

I am totally in love with this and would recommend it for all skin types with some caution to those sensitive with herb scent.


Roseanne ❤


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Product was sent to me by WISHTREND 
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa


One thought on “Review: I’m From Mugwort Mask | Wishtrend

  1. I love Korean skincare and this one looks it will be excellent. If i can find it i will definitely purchase this badboy. Thanks for sharing!
    Btw. I’m now following your blog, will tune in for more amazing content 🙂
    I am a skincare junky too and does a lot of product reviews on my blog. Give it a visit if youre interested 🙂


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