Blogmas 2018 #14: Treats for Christmas

Unlike in other countries, here in the Philippines, we don’t usually go trick or tricking. To be honest growing up I only went trick or tricking twice and those were during my senior years because it was juts starting to be a trend that time.

So our family  decided that instead of giving out just cash; which is very typical here in the Philippines, we also prepared some goodies for the kids.


I have managed to sort and pack 20 loot bags for the kids. The bags are filled with different candies and lollipops and we also included a pack of chip. This is our second year doing this and I really do enjoy making this loot bags.

Maybe next year we’ll do something different so that the kids has something to look forward to every time they come to our house.

Slowly finishing all the Christmas gift madness and I just can’t wait for Christmas!


Roseanne ❤

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