Blogmas 2018 #15: Vanity Clean up

The time has come to clean and re-organize my vanity area.  I actually did a de-clutter a few months ago but it is a bit crazy how much of a mess it has come since I have been receiving products here and there. Not complaining at all, I feel super blessed and thankful to the brands for their trust.

I can’t remember if I did an updated vanity tour but what I organized for today was my drawer. It was really a hot mess and everything was just there and it was getting hard for me to rotate my products.

My 1st drawer (L) was filled with masks and wipes basically everything I usually rich out for while the 2nd drawe (R) is just filled with empty boxes, empty sachet of face mask, and some clay mask. It was really messy!

This is now the current state of my drawers. 1st drawer is still filled with items I usually reach out for and items that are up for review so I may be reminded that I need to try those products. I now dedicated my 2nd drawer so any mask such as sheet mask, clay mask, peel off mask–anything that is mask!

I love my 2nd drawer specially because I love mask and seeing my mask collection grow just really makes me happy.

Anyway, that is it for today! I might do an updated vanity tour by the end of the year.



Roseanne ❤


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