Quick Review: Allupbio Eggro Face Egg Pack|Charis

Hi everyone! Today is another quick review day for a product that is available on my Charis Shop.( https://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/-/shop) Today’s product is an egg pack from the brand ALLUPBIO.


ALLPUBIO Dermatological Lab is a customize skin care brand that really focuses on creating effective products for every skin type. They created the EGGRO containing egg white extracts that claims to remove dead skin cells, supply the skin with nutrients and assist in controlling sebum.

Notable ingredients include Bentonite, Sulfur Calendula Officinalis extract, egg yolk extract, and fragrance. This egg pack also has Epithelial cells that nourishes the skin, Arbutin that is a whitening ingredient and Adenosine that has elasticity effect.


  • This egg pack looks and feels so luxurious with its black and gold pump bottle. I want to add that the bottle is super durable because I accidentally dropped the bottle while taking the picture and my heart sank when it happened but it didn’t totally broke and just left a small dent on the bottom.
  • The egg pack isn’t clear but has a grey color to it and has a mild milky scent.
  • When it dries it just leaves a clear mask so it looks like you don’t have anything on the face.
  • There has a slight tight feeling when the product was drying but certainly it was doable and not at all bothersome on my end
  • The clean up was easy and not messy at all but since the mask is clear just make sure you have totally rinsed off the product
  • There was certainly a very nourishing feeling after using this pack
  • My face feels and looks so healthy compared to the days I wasn’t using this. I used this twice a  week since it is not too harsh on the skin.


Definitely a great egg pack that has top ingredients and does deliver some claims. If you have sensitive skin and want to try an egg pack this I would recommend since this is not too harsh on the skin just make sure that you don’t have any wounds on your face.

If you want to try this luxurious egg pack, you can get it on my Charis shop and get 13% off on your purchase just make sure to use my link below





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