Blogmas 2018 #16: Kdrama/Movies I recently finished

This holiday season is also a great way to catch up on some series and movies. For me, I love watching Korean drama and movies and for today’s post I just want to quickly share to you some of the Kdrama I recently finish watching.

100 DAY MY PRINCE A prince who lost his memory after someone tried to kill him. He was found by an old man and was brought to their village. There he started to live like a normal citizen and also married  the daughter of the man who saw him because the prince ordered all single ladies to marry to stop the drought.

Basically this story revolves around him falling in love with the girl and knowing that he is the prince. Okaaay. I am so bad at giving a nice over view. I am really trying my best not to spoil you guys. This is really a nice series and also my favorite EXO Doh Kyungsoo is the main actor.


FIGHT FOR MY WAY A really nice feel good series that is about chasing ones dream and also finding your true love. A very nice uncomplicated series which I love and appreciate. There were so many parts of this series which I can relate too since it is about chasing your dream.


CART A movie which is based on a true story in Korea about contractualization and depicts the struggle of every employee from an abusive company. All actors were really good and you could really feel a great emotion after watching this movie and of course Doh Kyungsoo is also part of this movie.

download (1)

ANNOYING BROTHER An athlete turns blind after an accident match. Later on his brother was released from prison so he was held responsible for his younger brother. It was not easy adjusting for the brothers to get a long since they have a long run of disagreements. The story revolves around the relationship of the brothers and how the younger brother can gain again his confidence to play for the paralympics.


I know that 3/4 from the list, the main actor was Do Kyungsoo and that’s because I just really like him as an EXO member and also he is really good and I am not just saying that because he is my bias but a lot in the Korean movie industry agrees and he was won numerous awards because of his acting skills.


Roseanne ❤

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