Blogmas 2018 #17: Our Christmas Decor

I wasn’t supposed to share our Christmas decor for this year and that is because it is almost the same as last year.  We just re-arranged some figurines and other decors in the shelves and that is about it. We actually did already decided to go for the classic red-gold theme but suddenly changed our mind and went to a white-red theme which I find is in trend right now.


This year, we decided not to put up a tree because we have a crazy cat in the house and also the place where the tree was supposed to go is now  a place for our family’s toy collection. Since there is no tree this year, we just put a table on the side to place all the gift.


Our decor for this year is kinda boring that’s why I was hesitant to post this but I thought that this is still a December memory so..

Next year, I promised that our house will be decked out. By next year, I hope that our cat isn’t too hyper anymore and also we are planning to get a smaller tree to fit in the area because the one we currently have is a fluffy tree and it does just fit anymore.


Roseanne ❤

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