Blogmas 2018 #20: What I did today

I was supposed to post a gift wrapping idea list but I only have an hour to publish this post so I can’t do it so instead I’m just going to tell you guys what I did today

  1. WRAP GIFTS It seems never ending! Just when I thought that we are done with wrapping gifts, we find more gifts to wrap. It is so crazy. Don’t even get me started with wrapping gifts that are irregular shaped. Actually, my mom is in charge of making bags and wrapping gifts that are irregular shaped because I am not too malicious on those things.
  2. ANSWER EMAIL This was highlighted today because I just closed a collaboration with a really awesome brand and I just can’t wait to try it and tell you guys my thoughts.
  3. LIP SWATCHES This took forever! I did a lip swatch with 6 tints that I got from Charis. This is a long over due review , I really find lip swatches the most difficult thing to do in testing products. Putting on a tint, taking a photo, and removing the tint for 6 times isn’t easy. Kudos to those real makeup bloggers who do this on a daily basis.
  4. PRODUCT TESTING Since I did some lip swatches and did a full face makeup, it was so perfect that I also received an oil cleanser for review purposes! It was hitting two birds in one stone for today’s testing period.

I was also anticipating a parcel for today but it didn’t arrived and maybe that’s because of the Christmas rush.  I was supposed to order from Althea but their website is down and I guess a lot are just shopping online.

December is really just the most busiest time of the year for everyone and I come to realize that every industry is also busy too.

That is it for today, also rushing to finish my liptint review that will be posted after this! I’m such a buzzer beater. hehe



Roseanne ❤

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