Quick Review: Merzy The First Velvet Tint – Swatches |Charis

It’s time for another product review that you can get on my Charis shop! This time it is not a skincare but a lip tint.  I have 6 shades of  MERZY THE FIRST VELVET TINT that claims to be long lasting, pigmented and has a velvet texture.


MERZY is a Korean brand that offers high quality but affordable makeup. They currently offer eye and lip makeup. Their eyeliner has been awarded multiple times which includes my favorite Korean  beauty show–Get It Beauty.



  • V1 BLOODY MARY-  A wearable red that is not too distracting. I first thought that it was too light but upon applying it on my lips, it seems like it was just a perfect red that I can wear everyday.
  • V2 JACK ROSE- When I swatched this on my hands I already know that I am not going to like it and I was right. I am not a fan of pink shades since I feel that it really doesn’t compliment me and my skin tone. Also, I was surprised to see how patchy the formula was and with all of the shades this is the only one that was really patchy on my lips.
  • V3 CASSIS ORNAGE- I was surprised that I kinda liked this shade on my lips and maybe next time I should try applying it as a gradient style. I also use this as my blush and I liked it. It gives that drunken blush look on my tone I just have to remember to blend it quickly to avoid leaving dotted marks.
  • V4 SHIRLEY TEMPLE- I remember being shocked on how bright pink this shade is when I first swatched it but when I applied it on my lips, it looked really good.This is the shade of pink that I could worked with.
  • V5 PEACH CRUSH- Another shade that looked too pink for my liking but it ended up looking good on my lips. This shade is that perfect nude pink for my tone.
  • FIRENZE NEGRONI- My favorite! This is the shade I normally wear. A deep brownish-red tone. I use this every time I go out and has been my go to tint.

All the tint has a soda scent and taste to it which I love because noramlly tints would have a bitter taste and yes I do eat them. Hahah. Kidding aside, this is really a nice light weight tint that is perfect for everyday use. I prefer this one over the Peri-pera tint that I used to be obsessed with since this really makes me feel like I am not wearing anything on my lips. It is not that long wearing but I can deal with it since I really love the formula and pigmentation.

You can get this on my Charis shop. If you are from the PH you can get FREE SF and can avail of the COD!






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