Blogmas 2018 #22: Another Mask haul

Happy Saturday! We went again to shop some last minute gifts! As usual when we go out, I just have to go visit the beauty section of our department store.

Today, I was extremely surprised to see some sheet masks brand that I never expected to be available here. Of course I also had to get my now favorite masks.


LEADERS I haven’t tried any leaders mask but heard it’s really good so I had to get one for myself too.

FACE REPUBLIC LEMON MASK This is now one of my favorite mask and I just have to have at least one for my stash. I was a bit sad that there were only 2pcs left but at the same time so happy that a lot of people are buying Face Republic mask. Yess. Face republic will always have a special place in my heart and in my skincare journey.

GET IT BEAUTY MASK Oh my gawd! Never expected to see this mask at out local shelves! I ordered two already from Althea but I am so excited to get my hands on them that I bought another two!

Not really a mask but I bought a COSRX pimple patch. I now rarely have pimple but just in case I have this is really helpful. This really helps calm down my pimple overnight so this is a must in my stash.

Really a tiring day, I feel sick but overall super happy on how the day went.  I just can’t wait for Christmas already.



Roseanne ❤

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