Blogmas 2018# 24: Christmas Eve Preperation

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! A few hours from now, we will be celebrating the birth of our savior,Jesus Christ.

Before we celebrate His birthday, I know we are all busy preparing for the festivities. For us, we spent the day preparing food and still wrapping gifts.

We actually cooked some macaroni salad and buko pandan. For the rest of the meal, we just decided to order at Contis.

It’s kinda a bummer that it is so gloomy today and a high chance that it will rain tomorrow. This whether is just making me feel super sick, aside from the flu and sore throat, I am also experiencing some pain on my knee.

Hoping to be better tomorrow so I can enjoy my most awaited day.

To my dear readers and followers, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to your family. Have a great evening and spread some holiday cheer!💖


Roseanne ❤

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