Blogmas 2018 #25: What I Got For Christmas–EXO GOODIES!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having a very happy Christmas this year. Today, I just want to quickly show you guys what I got for Christmas this year.

EXO GOODIES Received some awesome EXO stickers, post cards and card boards! Guess who’s decorating her wall tonight?!


EXO DMUMT VIVACE VERSION Since this is from Korea,  I still haven’t literally received it yet.  This might arrive by late January. This is from my parents!! Thanks Mama and Daddy!


EXO LOVE SHOT ALBUM VERSION LOVE AND SHOT  My sister also pre-ordered an EXO album for me! I was just hoping for one version but my sister ordered two and said that the other version is already her birthday gift for me.


So blessed to have a family who’s supportive with my EXO obsession. Hahah! Kidding aside, I am really happy with these gifts. EXO is my plot twist for 2018, I never expected to get hooked but here I am wishing for my EXO items. This is not, in any way of me bragging. Okaaay?

Also, I am still super sick and didn’t had a chance to see my other relatives. 2018 Christmas will always be remembered as the Christmas that I wasn’t allowed to eat chocolate ice cream and buko pandan 😦


Merry Chrristmas from an EXO-L!  I officially completed BLOGMAS 2018!! 


Roseanne ❤


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