Review: Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

It’s time for another Althea review and this time it’s about their Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser. I have been using this for a month now and I am excited to share to everyone my honest thoughts. This was sent to me as part of their #AltheaAngel family.


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Price: $8.00 or  around Php 400.00

Weight: 150ml /5.07fl.oz


This beauty superhero whisks away makeup, dirt, and oil with mint extracts while ensuring the skin stays cool and hydrated throughout thanks to a dual moisture cell system that envelopes the skin in a serum-like formula. 

Basically this is said to be a pore cleanser and at the same time moisturizes the face. Base on my own understanding, this is called a “Serum Cleanser” because this cleanser has a serum like formula that is supposed to be light weight moisturizer that can deeply penetrate the skin with it’s active ingredients.

Ingredients:  Some notable ingredients include mint leaf extract that is responsible for soothing the skin and gives a cooling feeling. Jojoba seed oil that deeply moisturizes the face and Tea Tree leaf extract that is known to have anti-bacterial properties.

How to use: You can use this as your typical cleanser or you can use this as your makeup remover. Just lightly dampen your face and put massage your face with the cleanser for about 10 secs and wash it off.


Packaging: A very straight forward packaging that comes in a high quality plastic bottle. I have seen others putting a pump on their bottle to make it easier to dispense the product. I just wish that some information in the bottle is in English because all information is in Korean BUT they do have a very detailed product description on their website.


  • I personally use this as a makeup remover however I can’t attest it’s power when it comes to waterproof mascara and eyeliners since I don’t use them.
  • It has a slight hint of mint and a watery consistency but with a slight oil finish. If does even makes sense
  • It is really light weight and doesn’t feel too heavy or greasy which I totally love.
  •  I washed my fully glam face with half with this cleanser and the other with my current cleanser and the results was amazing. With the Pore Purifying cleanser there is almost no reside left.
  • Washing the cleanser is also easy even though it has an oil like consistency.
  • This cleanser does give that moisturize feeling and a slight cooling effect
L-Makeup residue left from using my current cleanser R- Makeup residue left after using the Pore purifying cleanser

Final Thoughts: 

  • It is a great makeup remover as it is not harsh on the skin and at the same can help moisturize the face.
  • For the price of $8 it is not bad. I find that a little goes a long way but sometimes I just slather a lot on my face because I love massaging it onto my face.
  • When it comes to pore care, I haven’t seen remarkable results.

Overall, this is a nice cleanser because it does remove a great amount of my makeup. I would definitely purchase another bottle when this runs out.

If you are interested in trying this one out, I will put the link of the product below.


Roseanne ❤

Product link:

Product was sent to me as an Althea Angel
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa
Product was sent to me as an Althea Angel
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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