Quick Review:Aestura Atobarrier 365 Lotion| Charis

Today’s post is another quick review of one of Aestura’s product under their Atobarrier 365 line.  I have already posted a review of their peeling gel and introduced the brand Quick Review: Aestura Peeling Gel |Charis

The Atobarrier 365 lotion is said to be suitable to dry and sensitive skin. This lotion was formulated to really strengthen barrier function of the skin in order to leave a moisturizing film. Aside from that, Aestura also takes pride in their formulation of “DermaON” or the skin like lipid structure that is quickly absorb by dry skin, protecting the skin and retaining moisture for a long time.


My Thoughts:

  • It doesn’t have a noticeable scent which is perfect for those who are sensitive with fragrance being lathered into their face.
  • I really like how this lotion comes in a pump bottle because it is more easy to dispense the product and really hygienic.
  • It has a bright white color with a creamy texture that is easy to spread since it is a light weight lotion.
  • This doesn’t leave a tacky feeling but instead leaves a silky finish.
  • I tried using this with my regular product routine and noticed that there is really a significant increase of white head formation on my nose. I have checked the ingredients but non seem to be a pore clogging ingredient.
  • I have an oily skin but I did enjoy using this product since it is really moisturizing. I sometimes even use this in my body since it is not tacky and perfect for whether here in the Philippines.

This lotion is available on my Charis Shop:



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