Quick Review:Suiskin Shaking Modeling Mask Blue |Charis

It’s time for another Charis product review and this time I’m going to review a modeling mask from the brand SUISKIN. Suiskin is a Korean brand that formulates their product with the best natural ingredients.

This shaking model is specifically formulated with 11 natural herb extracts, glycerin and Hyaluronic acid that helps in soothing, moisturizing and balancing the temperature of our skin.

This modeling mask contains two pack. The first pack is the shaking essence that contains well basically the essence of the mask and the second pack contains the soothing blue gel. All you need to do is combine the two pack and shake it to create a modeling mask.


My Thoughts:

  • I am personally not a fan of two steps mask or anything that needs to be prepared beforehand for the reason that it takes too much time and sometimes create a mess but this mask is so fun and it was easy to combine the ingredients without any hassle.
  • It does leave a cooling and hydrating feeling. Clean up was also easy since it is a modeling mask.
  • I was so surprised to see how much product was in the pack. I literally can use one set for two sessions but I don’t know how to store it properly so I ended up just putting a thick layer.

A really great cooling and hydrating mask perfect for the summer time since it does leave a very nice feeling on the face.


This modeling mask pack is available on my Charis shop and each box contains 3 sets of the mask with a spatula.





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