Mask Review: QuickFx Liquid Ice

Look who’s back for a new mask review! It has been a couple of months since my last mask review and it’s not like I’ve not been masking, I still do use sheet mask here and there, but the thing is, I haven’t tried anything that I find is worth sharing my thoughts but today is an exception.


QuickFx isn’t a new brand for me, I have tried their pimple eraser and their no shine mattifier primer which I both loved. Now QuickFx launched some new products which includes  these sheet mask. They released 3 variants of their sheet mask– Liquid Ice, Dewy+ hydrating mask and Sculpt tightening face mask.

For today I’m going to share my thoughts about the Liquid Ice variant. Among the 3 variants, I am most excited to try this because it’s really something new.

“This skin-fitting sheet mask provides intense hydration and deep cooling effect which can calm and rejuvenate tired skin from constant environmental stress”

Price: Php 89.00 or $1.80

Ingredients: Notable ingredients include Aloe Vera Extract, Peppermint extract, Licorice root extract, rosemary extract, and ginseng extract.

Packaging: This sheet mask comes in your typical mask packaging. It has a very “millennial” color or theme going on with the three mask having a pastel scheme. The packaging also includes all important information such as ingredient list, directions and expiry date.

ScentThis has a peppermint scent which I totally love since I love anything minty but some may find it too overpowering.

 Sheet Mask details: The sheet mask does fit well on my face but I think for someone with a big face the mask might not totally cover your skin. The sheet itself is a bit thick for my liking.


  • They were not kidding when they say that it has an intense cooling effect. The moment I placed it on my face I felt that cooling feeling.
  • It did helped sooth my face and reduce some of the redness especially on my nose area.
  • The amount of  essence in the mask was also perfect. I like how it is not dripping wet.
  • There was no tacky or sticky feeling after using this and the remaining essence got easily absorb by my skin.


Final Verdict:

I super love this mask! I can see myself using this again especially on the summer time when it’s just freaking hot. I will definitely repurchase this since I really loved the cooling effect and how it doesn’t have a tacky feeling.


Roseanne ❤

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What works for me might not work for you and vice versa