Review: It’s Skin Tiger Cica Calming Water, Calming Serum and Gel Cream |Style Korean

I’m finally going to share my thoughts about the three more products sent by Style Korean from the brand It’s Skin. It’s Skin is known for their power 10 essence but what I’m going to review today is from their Tiger Cica line.

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Cica or also known as Centella Asiatica, centalla or Gotu Kula is used as culinary vegetable and as a medical herb. They are perennial plant native to the wetland of Asia. Centalla is also known as a tiger grass, it is said that when a tiger is wounded, they roll around a Centalla plant and their wounds would heal and that is because Cica has a lot of wound healing properties.

Centalla is rich in Amino acids,  Beta Carotene and fatty acids. Aside from healing properties it is also used for anti-aging products since it improves circulation and the synthesis of collagen and skin tissue.

Packaging: The cleansing water, serum and gel comes in a beautifully colored teal containers. The cleansing water and serum is made out of high quality plastic while the gel comes in a glass jar.


A watery toner that has an herb scent which is expected since this toner is packed with 64% Cica extract and other plant extracts. Speaking of plant extracts, this has citric acid, rosemary and grapefruit oil that might be too strong for those with sensitive skin. Among the three products, this was my favorite. It was really soothing and at the same time very hydrating.


A light weight serum that has 74% Centalla extract and other plant extracts that might not  be suitable for those with sensitive skin. This serum has a strong herb scent but what I like most about it is that it is really soothing. I applied this on my nose which was over exfoliated and it helped calm down the irritation.

IMG_6323 (1)


Just like the other two  products, the herb scent is still present with this one. This contains 33% cica extract and other plant extracts that might not be suitable for sensitive skin, upon checking this also has some comedogenic ingredients such a stearic acid and Cetearyl Alcohol which explains why there was a sudden increase of white heads on my nose. I do love how this gel is soothing and has a slight cooling effect and leaves a velvety texture.


This products are packed with plant extracts which is good for those with dry and dull skin but not with sensitive skin as it may cause irritation. I love how it has a lot of centella extracts as it really helps soothe the skin. I think the calming water will be on my HG list.


Roseanne ❤





Product was sent by Style Korean
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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