Quick Review: Aestura Therance 365 Soothing Emulsion

It’s another review day for the brand AESTURA. I have tried and review 2 of their products from the Atobarrier 365 line so for today I’m going to introduce to you their other line which is the THERACNE 365 which was created for those who has acne prone skin. This line emphasizesย  the total balance of the skin and the sebum production of the skin.

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“Green tea extracts from green tea harvested in early summer Jeju, care for excessive sebum secretion and control the water balance”

This soothing emulsion comes in a pump bottle and just like the Atobarrier it just has a plain white and blue theme. This product is priced at $34.82 for 120ml. This has a clear to white color to it and it doesn’t have an artificial scent to it.


My Thoughts:

  • I really like how this comes in a pump bottle because it makes it easier to dispense the product and also more hygienic.
  • This emulsion has light weight to it and it really gets absorbs by the skin quickly and also it is easy to evenly spread to the skin
  • It has a slight cooling effect to it and I noticed that it doesn’t leave a tacky of sticky feeling to it.
  • Most of the emulsion I have tried where too thick for my liking and clogs my pores, so I am happy to see that this emulsion is non-comodogenic tested.

This is really a great emulsion especially because it is light weight, non comodogenic and really soothes and hydrates the skin.

You can get this on my Charis shop





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