Hey Blog #58: PR haul -New Packages to try this March

Received some packages last week and I just want to quickly share you guys what I got so that you can already expect what reviews will be posted in the remaining days of March. I am very thankful for the brands for giving me the opportunity to try out their products and of course for trusting me.



QUICKFX I think it was last month when QuickFx contacted me to try out their latest product which are these sheet and clay mask.I was just too excited to try them that I decided to buy the sheet mask already. (which explains my already existing review) . As for the clay masks, I have already read good reviews about the BLACK so I am really excited to try it.

Mask Review: QuickFx Liquid Ice

Mask Review: QuickFx Sculpt Tightening Face Mask

Mask Review: QuickFx Dewy+ Hydrating Face Mask

CHARIS x AESTURA There will be another quick review for Charis and for Aestura,this will be my last review for the Aestura Atobarries line. I will post the review of this foam cleanser within the week since I am already trying it out and unlike other skincare products I think that my views in cleansers can be easily expressed within days since it doesn’t really need a one month result kinda thing.

BENTON COSMETICS Benton released their latest hand cream and I was chosen to be the first to try it out so I am really excited for that. I just want to really thank Benton Cosmetics for their undying trust, I think this is already my 6th review for them.

Review: Benton Good Bye Redness Centella Gel

Review: Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion

Review: Benton Tea Tree Mist

Mask Review: Benton Good Bye Redness Centella Mask Pack

Review: Benton Cosmetics’ ” ALOE BHA SKIN TONER”

BARULAB They contacted me thru Instagram and offered me to try out their mask and of course I said yes because sheet masking is life! I love trying out sheet mask so I am excited for this one.

Also, I do unboxing stories and videos on my Instagram @heyitsmeroseanne so do give me a follow if you are also into that.

Again big thanks to these brands and of course to you, yes you who’s reading this.


Roseanne ❤

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