Mask Review: Barulab Blue Aqua Mask and Black Clay Mask

About a month ago, Barulab reached out to me asking if I wanted to try out their mask and of course I said yes because sheet mask is life for me. Now I have already tried both of their Blue Aqua Mask and Black Clay Mask so I’m excited to share my thoughts about them.

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“With 20 years of experience, Barulab is a cosmetic product lab that constantly researches and creates solutions for customers through their products. “Even right now, Barulab is researching constantly for your skin”


” It is  a mask pack containing the nutrition of the hyaluronic acid ampule that gives the moisture with the complex of the hyaluronic acid by molecular size  and helps  to make  lustrous skin with natural glow”


This sheet mask is really packed with hyaluronic acid which we all know is great for moisturizing our skin. Aside from the hyaluronic acid, this mask also contains ginger extract, omija extarct, Chrysanthemum radix root extract, and green tea extract.

You use this just like any sheet mask, there is no need to rinse the remaining essence after, you just need to dab it into the skin. The sheet mask also has a blue plastic that you need to remove before placing the sheet mask onto your face, the plastic made it easier to unfold the sheet mask since it is really thin.

I super love the fit of the sheet mask in my face and I like how the sheet is really thin as if I have nothing into my face. There is also an adequate amount of the essence, it’s not too much that it’s dripping.  This also smells like those product with hyaluronic acid, if you have tried a lot of products with HA you probably know what I am talking, it’s a scent that is really hard to describe but certainly isn’t bothersome, well, for me at least.

This is one of the most moisturizing sheet mask I have ever tried, it made my face look and feel so healthy. I have a slight sensitive skin from over exfoliating and this didn’t irritate my face even more. This is certainly a mask I would recommend for those who wants to include HA to their skin care and I would definitely purchase a box of these for myself since I really find it a great everyday sheet mask especially this summer.


“It is a new gypsum type facial sheet mask which contains sericin extracted from silk work, caring your skin tone to be beautiful and tight”

This is certainly not your ordinary sheet mask, to make it simpler, this is a clay mask in a sheet mask form. This mask contains 2 parts, for the upper and lower part of your face. Removing the plastic from the sheet mask was a little bit messy  so just a quick reminder to take your time on putting it on. The size of the mask, I would say, is quite big even for the nose part, I have no complaint with that but if you have a smaller head it will definitely stick to your hair.

If you had tried a nose pack that is how it feels especially when it’s drying up though it wasn’t painful to remove. Also it is important to follow the directions, you must cleanse and tone first and apply the sheet mask,wait for it to dry for at least 40 minutes then remove the remaining black residue. YES 40 minutes so go watch a kdrama first.

My face really did feel tight after using this and left a glowing effect on my face. I like how this is a clay mask that we all know is good for deep cleansing. I also would like to note that this didn’t dry up my face but instead made it supple.

It was a fun experience to try out a clay sheet mask, I would purchase this for the sake of trying out how effective it is for pore care.

A huge shout out and thanks to the BARULAB team for reaching out to me and for sending their mask out. They have other products too aside from sheet mask such as serums and ampule.


Roseanne ❤






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Product was sent by Barulab
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa







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