Quick Review: Aestura Atobarrier 365 Bubble Cleanser | Charis

This is my 4th item from Aestura and from Charis and in my previous posts I already introduced the brand but if you are here for the first time, Aestura is a Korean brand that is expert on “Medi Beauty” or Medical Beauty. Their company takes pride on producing products suitable for sensitive skin.


“Based on the medical expertise and reliable expertise of continuous skin research, 
we provide a solution for sensitive skin that can be used safely.”

And if you are hearing Charis for the first time too, basically it is an online shop that offers a lot of skincare, makeup and other Korean products.

Today’s quick product review is from their ATOBARRIER 365 line– Bubble cleanser.

This bubble cleanser is said to match the skin pH, mild acidic and low-irritant.


  • This bubble cleanser doesn’t have any artificial scent to it which I like because there is no added fragrance.
  • The foam is really creamy and light. It’s really rich in texture and feels nice on the skin.
  • I can totally attest that this is non irritant because lately I have been over exfoliating and it really made my skin sensitive but using this cleanser didn’t give me any irritation or dried out my skin.
  • It’s really moisturizing and made my face look healthy after and removed the excess sebum on my skin.

IMG_7208 (1)

You can really see in my AFTER photos how it made my skin look healthier and removed all the oil on my face without drying it.

This bubble cleanser is really good for those with sensitive skin and those who wants an everyday gentle cleanser.






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