My Summer Essentials 2019

The heat is on, the heat is on, the heat is on ,Oh it’s on the street, the heat is on~~ Hey hey! it’s not officially summer but the heat is definitely on. Sharing today my summer essentials. Basically, these are the items that I commonly use to save my skin from the heat.


LUSH MASK OF MAGNAMINTY If there is one thing I would recommend everyone to try out at lush, it would be their Magnaminty. This is really a skin saver, this helps with those days when my skin is just bad with textures and all. I also love how cooling it is and of course because it has mint.

KLAIRS BLUE CALMING CREAM I usually use this when my skin is really irritated and when I spent too much time under the sun. This does the trick to help calm my skin overnight.

HEIMISH ROSE WATER HYDROGEL EYE PATCH This can be used not only for the under eye but also other parts of the face to hydrate and brighten. This is available and was sent to my by Go bloom and Glow

HUMAN HEART NATURE HYDRATING FACE MIST This is always on my bag wherever I go. I love how it fits even on my small purse but most importantly I love how hydrating it is.

COSRX ALOE SOOTHING SUN CREAM Of course, this summer essential post will not be complete without sunscreen. I use different sunscreen everyday but I have been recently loving this one since it is really soothing, hydrating and of course it protects my skin from the sun rays.

QUICKFX LIQUID ICE MASK I have been totally in love with this mask. It is now my HG mask especially this summer since the cooling effect is just out of this world. I swear!

Basically that’s it. My summer essential for my skin!


Roseanne ❤

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