Quick Review: Vicle (Vial Miracle) Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam |Charis

Today is another review day and today’s main star is from a brand that I haven’t heard before not until I saw it in Charis. Vicle or Vial Miracle is a Korean brand that offers products that contains only mild ingredients for those with troubled skin.


Their Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam is known to have alkaline level or a pH 5.5 that helps achieve that healthier skin. This cleansing foam is also said to be mild, hypoallergenic and moisturizing.

The ingredients of this cleanser includes Lemon peel oil, Matricaria  extract (extracted from Chamomile herb), lavender oil,  Calendula extract, and  tea tree extract.


  • I remember using this when my skin was ultra sensitive and this didn’t made things worst. So when they say it is mild, it is mild.
  • It really does make my skin look brighter and healthier without stripping off my natural oil or making my face dry. Actually it is really moisturizing.


You could see on my BEFORE photo that my pores even appears to be less visible and have that healthy glow.

This has been one of my go-to cleanser. I would highly recommend this for those with sensitive skin as this is a gentle cleanser that will really cleanse your face and will make it healthier.








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