Review: Althea A’Bloom Giant and Baby Meringue Puff

Althea recently launched their A’Bloom collection and for today I’m going to share my thoughts about their Giant and Baby Meringue Puff.


*Tried using the giant puff with a full coverage foundation. On the left side of my face I directly applied the foundation on my face and on the other side I dip the sponge into the foundation before applying into my face.


This giant meringue puff comes in a light pink color and only priced at $2. This giant puff is said to expand 1.5x larger for fast coverage, blends flawlessly on the skin and can be use as a wet or dry sponge.

The sponge really did expand almost twice its size and really feels so soft. On the side where I applied the foundation directly, it flawlessly blended the foundation and since it’s really big, it made applying foundation faster. When I directly put the foundation on the puff and applied the foundation, the puff did sip the foundation.


*Tried using one WET puff using my ALTHEA CONCEALER on my left under eye and on the right under eye I use a DRY puff 

This baby puff comes in 3 per pack and has 3 different shades of pink. This puff costs only around $3. This puff will allow a precise application on the face and the same as the GIANT puff, this is said to help blend products flawlessly and you can use this as a wet or dry sponge.

This also doubled up in size when wet and same softness as the giant puff. It really helps blend out products into the corners of the nose and makes it easier to precisely blend it. With this puff, I liked it better when I used it DRY, it didn’t creased my under eye. Even though it is dry, it’s not too hard on the face; it’s the right stiffness.



I also wanted to see if the foundation will stain the puff and how hard it is to remove products. I typically wash my sponges with a normal anti-bacterial soap but somehow it didn’t really fully removed the stain, what helped is that I used a facial wash and it did took the stain away but not completely.



For their price, I think that this is good. I love how soft they are and how it doubles in size when wet. I personally love the baby puff especially when it is dry. As expected since the giant puff is light colored, it was hard to remove the stain and also when I used this, I was pressing the sponge too much and my nails did some damage to the giant  sponge. Again, overall a really good puff, very soft and can quickly cover the area.


Roseanne ❤




Product was sent to me as an Althea Angel
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa



2 thoughts on “Review: Althea A’Bloom Giant and Baby Meringue Puff

  1. This is very informative! I’m thinking of doing an Althea haul and I think I’m getting on of these. 🙂


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