New Brand Alert: Bell Flower

It’s so amazing how many new brands are sprouting day by day. This sudden obsession of mine with skincare really started growing because I wasn’t afraid of trying out different products from different brands. Every time I see a new brand on Instagram, I always feel the need to try them and to give chance to those new brand in the skincare community.

Today I want to introduce BELL FLOWER. They actually reached out to me a couple months ago and offered me to try out 2 of their serums but before I post my review, let’s first meet BELL FLOWER. 

Bell flower logo from their website (link below)


Bell Flower is a Korean brand that provides intensive and trustworthy skincare solutions for different skin conditions such as dryness,  oil-balance, wrinkles, dullness and other skin troubles.

They currently have five (5) different types of serum available for different skin concern such as Hibiscus Anti-Aging, Azulene Daily Calming, Idebone Brightening, Coconut Hydrating and Heartleaf Houttynia Treat Serums.

Bell Flower is new brand on the field but already gained a lot of good reviews for their serums.

I’m really excited to see them release more products and to see the brand grow because I can already see a great potential on them given that great amount of great reviews on their serum alone.

As I mentioned above, they asked me to choose two (2) serums to try and I picked the Idebone and heartleaf serum and my full detailed review will be posted this week.


Roseanne ❤






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