Quick Review: Mustus Chlo Gel Cream | Charis

If you haven’t heard Mustus before, don’t worry because I only heard it when I saw it on Charis. Mustus is a Korean brand that focuses on “Phyto-chemical”-  a nutritional ingredient that has a beneficial effect on human body such as antioxidant effect. They have a couple of product line but for today and the upcoming days, I’ll review their CHLO line which has a gauze pad, serum and this gel cream. 

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This cream has a natural green color from it’s ingredients so there was no artificial color added into this cream. This cream has a nice mild fresh scent to it and comes in a high quality plastic jar.

The main ingredients of this cream are Parsley extract, Papaya extract and Centella Asiatica extract. This cream also has PHA or Poly Hydroxy Acids which we all know is good for those with sensitive skin and locks moisture really well.


  • I like that this gel cream is very light weight and doesn’t leave a heavy tacky feeling after even if I use this on my morning routine.
  • A little goes a long way with this one and the cream easily spreads well onto the face.
  • My skin has been sensitive lately and this doesn’t make it worst. It even helps sooth and calms down my skin.
  • I love how my skin feels really moisturized after using this and I like how it gets absorb by the skin quickly.

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I love this cream! This is the only cream that my skin can withstand with this blazing heat we are experiencing right now.

This is available on my CHARIS SHOP!







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