Quick Review: Mustus Chlo Ampoule | Charis

I previously did a review on Mustus’ Gel Cream and today I’m going to share my thoughts about their ampoule. Basically a ampoule is like a serum but the difference is that ampoule contains more active ingredients to target skin concern.

Snapseed (5).jpg

CHLOAMPOULE balances oil and moisture with parsley extracts that contain chlorophyll for moister and smoother skin. 

The Mustus CHLO AMPOULE is formulated with parsley extract that helps troubled skin because it contains anti-oxidant properties. This ampoule comes in its natural green color because of the ingredients use.

This ampoule comes in a glass bottle with dropper and the box it comes with contains all the needed information about the product and also I love that they use soy ink for printing out their boxes.

This ampoule has a light green color and has a slight fresh scent to it that I actually like.


  • The ampoule feels really light on the skin and when you spread it, it has that watery feel to it.
  • It gets absorb by the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a tacky feeling at all.
  • I really like that this is gentle on the skin and it didn’t gave me any irritation.
  • This serum really gave my skin that extra boost of nourishment. I have been using this constantly for a couple of weeks now and  I can say that my skin did well after using this. It looked less dull and gave extra moisture.


I am almost half way into finish this ampoule and that is how much I love it. I live in a country where it;s always humid so I appreciate that this doesn’t leave a tacky finish at all and that overall made my skin look so much healthier than before.

You can get this on my Charis Shop and get 13% OFF!








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