Quick Review: Mustus Chlo Gauze Peeling Pad | Charis

I have a current obsession with pads; cleansing, peeling and toning pads. I love how they are convenient to use and aside from that I enjoy mask toning as I feel gives my skin an extra boost of hydration.

I recently did a review on MUSTUS’  CHLO Ampoule and gel cream and today I am truly excited to share my thoughts about their peeling pads.

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Peeling pads are pads that are use to exfoliate your skin. These pads are soaked with either BHA, AHA or PHA. Typically, peeling pads are use after cleansing. Using peeling pads is an easy way to exfoliate your skin.


“eliminates old keratin and impurities with mild peeling PHA, while smoothing out skin texture with parsley extract containg Chlorophyll”

This gauze peeling pad is packed with PHA or Poly Hydroxy Acids is a type of acid that gently helps exfoliate the skin. PHA is more sensitive skin friendly than AHA and BHA. Aside from PHA, This gauze also has Centella leaf extract and madecassoside.

This pack of peeling pads comes in like an envelope type of packaging that is resealable and each pack contains 20 individually wrapped pads. The pads has two side, the rough side has a firm gauze texture to it and the other side has a very soft cotton feeling.


My Thoughts:

This is one of my favorite peeling pads for the reasons that is works! It really helped improved my skin texture especially after using it every other day. It has acid but it really didn’t irritate my skin and I love the soft side of the pad since it feels really nice on the face. The essence per sachet is just right, the peeling pads were not soaking wet and at the same time didn’t feel dry.

Just a tip though, the rough side of the gauze can be too abrasive so I always make sure that I use it with light hands.

Gauze Side
Cotton side


I like how these pads are very travel friendly and I can really see myself bringing them or including it in my travel kit BUT at the same time, I wish they could release these pads in a tub so we can lessen our trash.

Overall, I like these pads, a bit expensive than my other pads but I think I can splurge on these since I really loved them. This has been my go to peeling pad especially when I want a quick exfoliating step on my routine.


You can get this on my Charis Shop and get 13% OFF!






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