Review: EYENLIP Ceramide Green Toks Bubble Cleanser

I have been trying out a couple of products here and there. Today, I would like to share my thoughts about the EYENLIP Ceramide Green Toks Bubble cleanser that I got from Beauty Net Korea to try and review.

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BeautynetKorea is an online community where you can purchase a lot of Kbeauty products that you can’t typically find in most online stores. They house a lot of brands and one of which is EYENLIP. EYENLIP is a Korean brand that constantly launches different skincare product for every skin concern. They really have a lot line from snail, Calamansi and Salmon.


Ceramide are lipids that helps form the skin’s barrier and maintain moisture of the skin. Even thought it is for maintaining the skin moisture, any improper ratio of Ceramide on our skincare products can cause dryness, and irritation.

Moisturizing without pulling after washing the face soft and fine bubble cleansing that the plant gives

Price: $7 or Php 400

Weight: 200 ml


This is a bubble cleanser with fine pore scrub made out of Konjac extracts that cleans the pore and remove dead skin cell. This cleanser is also made out of 11 kinds of oil to help keep moisture in the face. Aside from that, this cleanser has the following ingredients:

  • Mate leaves- rich in vitamins and minerals that helps in pore tightening
  • Pure tea extract -helps keep the skin healthy and brightens the face
  • Ferrous extract- prevents dry skin  and has a lot of anti-oxidant properties
  • Spinach extract-  rich in vitamins and minerals and helps skin barrier
  • Olive leaf extract- helps protect the skin with its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

The 11 kinds of oil in this cleansers are; sunflower seed oil ,peppermint oil , Eucalyptue leaf oil, tea tree leaf oil, rosemary oil, rose oil, matricaria oil, pot morigold oil, common jasmine oil, lemon balm leaf oil, and lavender oil.

This cleanser contains 1000ppb Ceramide that hold corneous cell and natural moisturizing components.

This cleanser has a very fresh scent to it and really remind me of guava.


Packaging: This cleanser comes in a plastic bottle that has a pump. It also has a box with all the ingredients listed in English but all the other information is in Korean. but, all the English product details can be found in the BeautyNetKorea website.

How to use:  Pump the cleanser in your hand and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 seconds or wait for the bubbles and then gently massage it in your face and rinse it.


  • I could feel the small Konjac root extracts on this cleanser but it is not abrasive. It has a jelly texture to it and a very fresh guava like scent to it that I really really love.
  • The bubble cleanser is really soft on the skin and leaves the skin feeling so moisturize. Even though this has Konjac root extracts, it is not stripping.

This is really a good cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and looking healthy. If you are sensitive to plant oils listed above; then you might want to avoid this cleanser.


                                          Roseanne ❤







Product was sent to me by BEAUTYNETKOREA and EYENLIP
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa




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