Quick Review: Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream

It’s about time that Charis finally releases their own product! I’m so excited when I first saw this cream at Charis, if you don’t know what Charis is, basically it is an online shopping app that you can download; they have a lot of Kbeauty products available and what I really love about them is that most of the products they have are from small or staring up brands.


This cream is said to be clarifying, lifting, relaxing and moisturizing. It contains 58% Centella Asiatica leaf extract and Medecassoside. Medecassoside is an active ingredient that  has an anti-redness effect and keeps the skin feeling smooth. Aside from those two main ingredients, this cream also has 5 Hyaluronic Acids keeping the skin moisturized.


I do not typically like using thick cream because it instantly turns me off and it usually clogs up my pores plus I have a lot of experience where thick creams tend to be very tacky BUT not this one!

I am so happy to share to you guys that this cream is not tacky at all and didn’t clogged my pores. It really soothed my skin when I had dry patches all over my upper lip when I caught a cold,the next day it really did improved my skin.


This has been my go to cream when I have dry patches or when I use too much ABP on my routine just to really give back the moisture on my skin. I also love how this cream gives a really smooth finish on the skin.

L- No Cream R- With Cream

I am really surprised that I liked this cream and I do highly recommend you guys to try it especially if you have dry skin but this cream also works well with my co-oily skin peeps out there.

This is available on my Charis shop if you are interested in trying it out. They come in 30ml and 50ml tube.









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