Hey Blog # 60: Life Update

Hey it’s me Roseanne!

I know I haven’t posted for awhile here on my website. It’s been almost 3 months since I last posted an entry on my HEY BLOG segment and that’s because I was focused on publishing reviews after reviews. I am super blessed that brands support me, I will forever be grateful to them.

Last three months or so products just keeps piling up that it  got to a point that I can’t keep up with reviews. Unlike makeup or gadget reviews, skincare reviews takes a couple of weeks even months before I can share my final thoughts thus the piling up of pending reviews. Also, with skincare, I can’t try them all at once because it would be hard to pin point the effects of each product.

With the pending reviews stacking up, I had to really push myself to publish reviews and when I say “publish reviews” it means that I have to shoot the product, research the brand, study the ingredients and so on.

My creativity also has a limit and I reached that limit  after the constant reviews and content.  I was creatively burnt out. I took a week off in Instagram to reset my mind and to find back inspiration and it was one of the best decisions I did.

I am now SLOWLY going back to publishing content on my Instagram and I do plan to publish a review here on my website tomorrow. As for my YouTube channel, I will upload a video soon; I really just need to improve my editing skills.

A year ago, I didn’t think I could have this “problem” because last year I was struggling to find a content or a product to review but here I am right now and I have never been so grateful.

It’s nice to put my feelings into words. This is why I created a HEY BLOG segment, just to sit down and release my thoughts.

To my readers and followers, Thank you so much for your support and I promise to continue publishing worth it content.


Roseanne ❤

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