Mask Review: Charis M+ Medeccassoside Cica Mask

I’m back with another sheet mask review, and today’s sheet mask brand is someone who is new to the sheet mask game but not really in the whole Kbeauty world. Finally, Charis released their own line of skincare which included the M+ cream and the M+ mask.

This refreshing cream type mask pack…gives an outstanding relaxation, moisturizing, conditioning and vitality to your externally stimulated skin. 

Snapseed (7).jpg

Price: $11 for a box of 5pcs sheet mask

Ingredients:  This sheet mask contains Centella Asiatica leaf extract, Madecassoside and Matricaria Leaf Extract. This sheet mask has fragrance and other plant extract.

Scent: It has that Cica scent to it. It has the same scent of the Cica cream. It’s not too overpowering and actually I find it relaxing.

Sheet Mask details: The sheet mask has a really good fit one me. I like how it is not too thick or thing, it is just the right thickness. It doesn’t slide off too and the essence is really thick compared to regular sheet mask.


I dubbed this sheet mask as my go to sheet mask when I am lazy to do a full skincare routine because the essence is just too thick that after using this I don’t follow it up with other products. I find the essence too thick for liking in a sheet mask and also it does take time for my skin to fully absorb the essence and will leave a slight tacky feeling. However, my skin did feel super moisturized and  it calmed down the redness on my face.


I still prefer the M+ cream because it is really light and gets easily absorb by the skin. This sheet mask is good whenever I need to pack some skincare because I only use this together with a toner and a serum.


Roseanne ❤

This is available on my Chairs Shop


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